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How to Copy and Paste on Your iPad

Besides using Apple iPad for photos and videos, it is a great companion for text based content in the form of ebooks and newspapers. While browsing textual content, you may want to copy and save selective text.

First the basics, then a cool tip. It is easy to copy and paste on your iPad even though you might have to close one application and open another to complete the process. For instance, you might want to copy something from an email message and then paste it into a Pages document.

No keyboard, if you have difficulty in copying and pasting on iPad, you can just read this simple guide on how to do Copy and Paste on iPad.

Step 1. Open the Text to Copy and Paste on iPad

To start to do Copy and Paste on iPad, we should have the text opened on your iPad, which can be a web page, email, Office text or others. As long as the letters aren’t ingrained in an image, you can do the Copy and Paste.

Step 2. Enable the Copy and Paste Button on iPad

Touch and hold your finger on the iPad screen on the text you wish you to copy and paste. Remove your finger from the screen and a few buttons will pop up that say “Cut”, “Copy”, and “Paste”. You will also see that a word of text has been highlighted.

Step 3. Select the Text you Want to Copy

Drag the highlight over the text you want to copy on your iPad. Once selected, press either “Copy”.

Step 4. Paste the Text

Navigate where you want to paste the text on your iPad as you need. Press and hold a finger on this text field until the Paste button appears. Click it and you have finished the operations to copy and paste on iPad.