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How to Copy DVD to iPad 2 on Mac?

Wondering how to copy your DVD movies into a video format that will run on your new iPad 2?

I looked at two Mac programs that copy DVD into iPad 2 video format. I found a free open-source program called Handbrake that worked but need VLC media player installed to rip copy-protected DVDs on Mac. I also found a program called iSkysoft DVD to iPad 2 Converter that copies DVD both iPads and iPhones. It works great on Mac OS X, and also takes still shots of movie frames – a very useful feature.

The latest version of iSkysoft DVD to iPad 2 Converter comes with a bunch of presets for the Mac. That’s handy if you plan to use your iPad 2 with video or Apple’s new AppleTV to view the movies.

This program is more than handy for those of us willing to take the time and effort to backup our DVD collections. It’s the bridge Apple isn’t willing to build.

Simply put, it will make a copy of nearly any copy protected DVD, encrypted or unencrypted with CSS, PAL or NTSC, AC-3, LPCM, or MPEG audio. If you don’t know what all that means, don’t worry. iSkysoft DVD to iPad 2 software makes it easy.

When it copies a DVD movie for AppleTV and iTunes you’ll end up with MPEG-4 or H.264, with a few other options available. The long and short is— iSkysoft DVD to iPad 2 copies DVDs so you can back them up or play them via iTunes for iPad 2—or iPod, or iPhone.

Upon launch you’re greeted with a clear interface for you to load a DVD, or insert one, or browse until you find one.

The profile panel has presets for iPad, iPhone, AppleTV and iPod.

After that, there a handful of additional settings, though for most copy purposes, sticking with the presets works fine.

How long it takes iSkysoft DVD to iPad converter to copy a DVD will depend on the power of your Mac, the speed of your DVD player, the length of the DVD movie, and the settings.

In my experience, DVD movies have been ripped in 20-minutes all the way to two hours. YMMV.

The latest version of iSkysoft Mac DVD to iPad 2 remains a work in progress though notably easier than previous versions. Polish shows in the Preferences, too, which checks for updates, displays the presets, allows for chapter markers, and can even have the audio set to other languages besides English.

The reason you have to copy the DVDs is to make them playable on iTunes for your iPad 2(or, for backup purposes). There are many reasons why Apple doesn’t provide an easy backup of their own, not the least of which is the need to court the movie studios to put downloadable movies on the iTunes store.

I do not expect an easier solution to coping movie DVDs to iPad 2 on Mac. No one except the Mac user wants the process to be fast and simple. For now, I’m content to use iSkysoft DVD to iPad for Mac to copy select movies on DVD to iPad 2 on Mac.