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How to Download and Watch Movies on Your iPad Mini

You’ve just gotten the new iPad mini, you may can’t wait to know how to download movies on iPad and see what your favorite videos look like on that high density display.

Download and Watch Movies on iPad mini with iTunes

In most countries, iTunes has a great selection of movies to choose from that you can either purchase or rent straight from your iPad, no computer needed.

Steps to download or rent a movie directly from your iPad mini

  1. Open the iTunes app from your homescreen.
  2. Click on either the Movies along the bottom. Here you’ll see a list of new and featured movies in iTunes.
  3. In the upper right hand corner you can search for any movie or show you’d like.
  4. Once you’ve found what you’re interested in, tap on it in order to view a larger description. You can also preview movies via the preview button.
  5. When you find something you’d like to rent or buy, you can choose to purchase or rent the standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) version. Once you’ve decided which one you want, tap it twice to purchase it. TV shows will only allow you to purchase from your device. Movies will allow you to rent them as well as purchase.
  6. You’ll be prompted to enter your iTunes password and you’re done! Your download will begin.

Steps to watch movies on iPad mini

  1. Go back to your Home screen by tapping your home button.
  2. Find your Videos app and open it.
  3. You should see all your tv shows and movies. Tap on the one you’d like to watch to see a description and more info. When you’re ready to watch it, just tap the Play button and enjoy!

You’ll also be able to access most of your iTunes purchased movies from any iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV linked to your account via Movies in the Cloud.

Download and Watch Movies on iPad mini with iTunes Home Sharing

One neat feature of iTunes is the ability to stream movies between devices using Home Sharing, You can also use Home Sharing to stream movie collection from your desktop PC to to your iPad. Here is a guide on Using iTunes Home Sharing to Share Music or Movies to iPad

Remember: You’ll need to have your iPad and your computer connected to your Wi-Fi network to use iTunes Home Sharing.

Download and Watch Movies on iPad mini with 3rd-party Converters

If you’d rather keep your movie content from your own the DVD or Blu-ray or Camcorders and just watch them on your iPad mini, you could get DVD to iPad ripping software or Blu-ray to iPad converter software or iPad Video Converter software to format the movies to be new iPad compatible. Here are some related guides:

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Download and Watch Movies on New iPad mini with Apps

There are a variety of video apps for getting great movies onto your new iPad. Netflix and Hulu bring you movies new and old. Air Video will transcode on the fly and stream MKV, AVI and other videos from your home PC to your iPad. Slacker will provide you with internet radio channels. And there’s a lot more too. Just take a look around the App Store, you’ll be amazed how many apps there are for exactly that!

Get and Watch Free Movies on Your iPad