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How to Download iTunes Match Songs to iPad

iTunes Match, Apple’s streaming service for music, matches your entire music library and allows you to stream music directly to your iPad wherever you have a data connection. There are many reasons you may want to physically download music to your iPad. Whether you’re planning on being on a plane or in an area that doesn’t have good cell service, you can download your content from iTunes Match straight to your device for playback anytime.

Downloading entire albums to iPad

The iPad Music app is a little bit different from the iPhone and iPod touch version in this regard. Not only does it still provide the ability to delete entire albums from the locally downloaded storage, but the manual downloading options are a little bit different as well. To download an entire album from iTunes Match on the iPad, you must start from the actual Albums view, selecting the album from there. In this case, you will see the iCloud download button immediately below the album artwork.

Downloading an individual song to iPad

To download a song from iTunes Match, simply launch the Music app from the Home screen of your iPad, find the artist name for the song you’d like to download. (You can also use album or song view, whichever you’d prefer to search with, and drill down to the song you want to download by album. Next to the name of the song, you’ll see a download button to the right. It looks like a cloud with a download icon in the middle. Tap on it. You’ll notice that the song of your choice has now begun to download to your device. Give it a few seconds to finish download and that’s it. It’s now physically downloaded onto your device for playback whenever you’d like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re planning to download a lot of songs in one sitting, you’ll want to be on a Wi-Fi network, not 3G. One reason for this is that Wi-Fi is faster than 3G, but the bigger reason is your monthly data limits. Even for users on 4G networks, Wi-Fi is the better bet. Wi-Fi and 4G are both very fast indeed, but 4G data still has that pesky monthly download limit that you won’t want to contend with.