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How to Download UltraViolet Movies to iPad

Rent a movie on iTunes on your iPad, good luck watching it anywhere else (Apple won’t let you transfer rentals made on an iOS device). Buy a Blu-ray combo pack with a digital copy? You get one digital copy that has an expiration date and is non-transferable. Buy Green Lantern on Amazon’s Video on Demand? You’re very limited on the iPad you can watch it on. But now studios (at least some of them) are going to the cloud in an effort to to make it easier (and more compelling) to buy and rent movie digitally with a new service called Ultraviolet.

About UltraViolet

UltraViolet can store all the movies you’ve bought in the cloud like Apple’s iCloud. After you purchase your first movie, a code will be included. You can enter the UltraViolet site with the code to download your purchased movies to any UltraViolet-supported device, including mobile phones (Android and iOS) and laptops. Now it is backed by big movie studios like Warner Bros., Sony, Fox, Lionsgate, Universal, etc. It seems the movie studios intend to use UltraViolet to switch to purchasing movies instead of renting movies.

How to download UltraViolet movies to iPad

Flixster has recently released an update to its Movies app for iPad and other iOS devices adding support for downloading UltraViolet movies for offline watching. Flixster users can add UltraViolet Digital Copies to their collections using redemption codes included in Blu-Ray or DVDs that they have purchased and will then be able to stream or download those movies to their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via the new Flixster app.

To download your UltraViolet movies to your iPad, make sure you are using Flixster app version 5.0 or above. Sign into the Flixster or Facebook account linked to UltraViolet, then go to the My Movies tab. Tap on the movie you want to download, then on the purple Download button on the next page. Once the download is complete, you’ll watch it from the Flixster app. Tap on Watch Now, and the app will default to offline viewing.

Please note the following:

  1. Movies take up a lot of room on your device, probably a minimum of 500MB. Keep this in mind before downloading.
  2. It will take awhile to download the entire movie (an average of 30 minutes to one hour), especially if you are using 3G or a weak wifi connection. Plan accordingly!
  3. If you close the app for more than ten minutes, the download will pause.