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How to Download YouTube Videos to the iPad on Mac OS

Many if not all of us spend quite a lot of time on YouTube and one of the most frustrating thing is figuring out how to download videos for offline or later viewing on iPad. This is especially so for those with slower Internet connections and come on, how many of us can actually play a fully YouTube video smoothly.

It gets worse on the iPad as you can’t even leave a video to pre-load while you do other things. Exit the YouTube player app to go check your Facebook on another app and the video stops loading.

Fortunately, we’ve found a solution. No, it’s not iOS streaming app, it does involve downloading the video to your computer, converting it to the right format and then syncing through iTunes. The one used in this guide is called iTube Studio for Mac, an app running on Mac OS (Mountain Lion included). If you’re using Windows, you can check YouTube to iPad converters for PC here.

Steps to download YouTube videos to the iPad on Mac

Step 1. Download and install iTube Studio. It will add a download button to all video on supported sites so you can download online video in one single click.

Step 2. Open Safari and find the YouTube video and play it, on the top of which you will see a download button, click the button. The YouTube video will be saved to the Downloaded tab of the iTube Studio after the downloaded.

Step 3. Convert YouTube video to iPad: View the downloaded video in the Downloaded tab, and click the Convert button to choose the iPad preset offered, then click OK to start converting YouTube video to iPad supported format. Make sure the “Export to iTunes” option has been checked.

Step 4. When YouTube to iPad conversion complete, the converted YouTube video will be added to iTunes library automatically if “Export to iTunes” is checked when making settings. Otherwise, you can import the converted YouTube video to your iTunes library. Next, connect your new iPad to Mac and transfer the YouTube videos to iPad via iTunes as you used to do for file sync. That’s done.