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How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPad without Jailbreak

If  you wish to download YouTube videos to your iPad without the use of a computer then TagDisk HD from n4phone is your perfect solution. This app introduce a new easy solution for this kind of problem for users who wants to download and save video from YouTube.  What’s more, this does not require a jailbroken iPad. Read on and this article will teach you how it works out this fantastic application.

Step 1. Download and install TagDisk from the App Store.
To test the app, the free “Lite” version of TagDisk HD will do fine but it is restricted to four video downloads, if you find this app useful, you may want to upgrade to the full version. Once installed, launch TagDisk. You will be greeted with the “Disk” screen, click on the browser on the bottom toolbar and enter “youtube.com” into the address bar.

Step 2. Search and find YouTube videos.
When you get to the YouTube home page, search for videos you want to download. When you find a video to download, hold down the link with your finger and a menu pops up. Choose “Download Link” and the video will download to your device.

Step 3. Queue and download video
As the video downloads, you can move on and queue multiple videos and they will download sequentially to your iPad. Once your downloads are finished, click the “Disk” icon in the lower toolbar and go to Documents where your downloaded videos are stored. Now you can click on any of the downloaded videos and watch them anytime, regardless of network connection.

That is all you need to do. Then you can now download a slew of YouTube videos and enjoy them at your leisure without dealing with the stuttering, waiting and dropouts!