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How to Find Movies that A Group Can Agree to Watch on iPad

You may come across a question about you’re just as often watching movies on iPad with family or friends and arguing about what to watch. That’s sometimes true, anyone who watches movies with friends, each with different tastes. If you’re like me and looking for solution, you should check out this app – Foundd.

Berlin-based Foundd is a new movie recommendation service launching this week,which not only finds you movies you would like to watch, but also helps a group decide on a movie you and your friends can watch together.You can set up a group, and Foundd will tailor its recommendations to the preferences of all of the members. It’s useful if you are old and married like me or young and among roommates.

Head to Foundd.com webapp and sign up for an account via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Next, you’ll be asked to rate at least 10 movies on a five-point scale. Of course like every other discovery engine the recommendations get better as you rate more and more movies. The interface is slick, giving you the movie poster and direct links to watch recommended movies on Netflix or iTunes.

At the heart of Foundd are its Group Watchlists. Click on Groups at the top of the page and you’ll be able to invite up to four people to a Group Watchlist.That’s done.

It’s just the webapp if it takes a while for you and your friends or significant other to pick out a movie to watch together. It looks as if Foundd will eventually be moving beyond just movies and offering the same services for TV shows, video clips, Apps, Games, and Books.