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How to Fix iOS 7.1 Battery Life Problems

The iOS 7.1 battery life on the iPhone and iPad is a problem for a growing number of users that installed the latest free update from Apple. This update delivered a collection of fixes and performance boosts for older devices, but it also brought a bug with it that drains the iPad battery faster.Here’s how to fix your battery life problems under iOS 7.1!


Fix iOS 7.1 Battery Life

You will need to Reset All Settings to make this work, and this is the first thing to try. Here is how to fix bad iOS 7.1 battery life without resetting your tablet.

Tap on Settings
Tap on General
Scroll down and Tap on Reset
Tap on Reset all Settings
Enter passcode if prompted

The iPad will reboot and clear settings, but will not remove your content such as apps, photos and more. This is a good way to clear out issues without a full reset. if this does not fix the iOS 7.1 Battery life problems, it is a good idea to perform a full iPad reset and set the iPad up as a new device without restoring from a backup.

The steps are the same as above, but choose Erase All Content and Settings. This will wipe everything from the iPad, so back up before you do this, even though we recommend not performing a restore. Setting up all of your accounts and apps is time-consuming, but it may be the fastest way to fix bad iOS 7.1 Battery life.

Turn off what you’re not using

If your battery life is normal but you still find yourself needing extra power on some occasions, there are a few things you can do. Firstly plug in your device. At home, at work, in the car, there are plenty of opportunities to top up your battery. If you’re stuck and can’t plug in. Here are some of the items that can be turned off to get the better out of your device battery, according¬†to¬†iMore.

1) Turn off Background app and content refresh:
Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh lists down the items that you can turn off.
2) Turn Off App Store Updates:
Navigate to Settings > App Store > turn off automatic app and content downloads.
3) Turn off Siri:
Navigate to Settings > General > Siri. According to iMore, users keep telling them that this option has helped them save battery life due to accelerometer issues.
4) Turn off Location Services:
Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, > turn off any app and service you don’t need tracking your location.
5) Turn off Push Notifications:
Navigate to Settings > Notifications > turn off any app you don’t want to be alerted.
6) Turn of Notification Center widgets;
As per reports, Stocks and Weather in Notification Center seem to drain the battery faster. I’m not surprised, because weather uses Location Service.