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How To Get Audio From YouTube Video to Your iPad and iPhone

You may come across a question about how to extract the audio content (e.g. song) from YouTube videos and stream it onto your iPad or iPhone. I used to watch music videos on YouTube. Sometimes, I don’t really want to watch the video but just want to stream the audio content and listen in the background. The built-in YouTube app does not allow you to do so. If you’re like me and looking for solution, this article may help.

Stream audio from Youtube to iPad with YouTunes Live app

YouTunes Live is an application designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that allows you to stream audio content directly from YouTube without loading the video. This way you can save a lot of your bandwidth if you are on a 3G network. It not only plays the audio from Youtube, but also allows users to create playlists. Basically, you search for the videos you want, add them to your playlist, then play them back from the built in audio player. You can play your selections in order or on shuffle. You can close the app, go to the lock screen, put your iPhone or iPad with you, and still listen to all the free music you want.The app is completely free for download. You can download YouTunes Live from App Store via this direct iTunes link.

Get YouTube to iPad converters to convert music video to mp3 audio

If you’d like to get the music video from YouTube for offline listening, you should check out YouTube to iPad converters. iTube Studio is a great mac app, it does involve downloading the music video to your computer, converting it to the right audio and video format and then syncing through iTunes.

How do you get audio from YouTube to iPad? Leave us comment and share your thought.