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How to Get More DVD Movies on iPad?

User Walkaa sent us a question:

I’ve purchased iPad 2 and i’ve loaded up the DVD to iPad converter software on my computer.
I’m browsing my DVD collection, how can I get as many of my favorite movies on iPad as possible. i have quite the catalog and just want to know how can i compress these whilst saving quality to get more movies on the iPad? Thanks.

Well, in this article we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to maximize the number of movies on your iPad or iPad 2.

Rip only the title track

When you’re ripping a DVD, be sure you’re only gathering what you need to view the movie on your iPad. Avoid unnecessary features like behind-the-scenes extras, commentaries, and credit sequences. When you rip just the title track, you not only conserve space by cropping out the extra features, but you also get right into viewing the movie without credits or previews to worry about.

Don’t add special effects

Some of the DVD to iPad converters we reviewed offer video enhancement tools that allow you to add extra effects to your movies. While this can be useful and interesting, adding a pleasant personal touch to your videos, it also adds more onto the size of the file. If you’re trying to conserve space, avoid these embellishments.

Use a more efficient compressing/encoding codec

Not all compression codices are created equal. With advances in technology, compression algorithms are becoming more efficient, allowing you to reduce file size even further. To get the most out of your limited space use the most efficient and current compression codec. One of the premier compression standards is the H.264 standard.

Lower bit rate/quality in output specifications

Lowering the bit rate or quality of the output file through your DVD to iPad converter is another great way to conserve space on your iPad. The bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time the movie plays. In reasonable numbers, reducing the bit rate can create a significantly smaller output file without a noticeable difference in quality.

These tips will help you save space on your iPad or iPad 2, allowing you to get more of your favorite movies with you everywhere you go.