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How to Jailbreak Any iOS 6 Device, including iPad Mini

If you’re looking to jailbreak your iOS devices then you’re lucky, a new tool named Evasi0n has recently been released by the Evad3rs team which allows for an iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak on almost all of the devices,including iPad 4th gen and iPad mini.

The new tool is very simple to use , only a few steps, if you’re comfortable clicking a few buttons on your computer and tapping an icon on your iOS device, you’re more than prepared to use evasi0n. If you’ve jailbroken your device before, you shouldn’t have any problem with evasi0n. This tutorial is specially written for first-time jailbreaker. We’ll walk you through the jailbreak process step-by-step. Please note that the jailbreak tool only works for iOS 6 or above. If you’re using lower version of iOS, you should consider upgrading to iOS 6.1 first.

Steps to jailbreak iOS 6 Using Evasi0n

1.Download evasi0n for Mac via our downloads page, and extract the package.

2. Double click the evasi0n app to run it.

3. If your device has a passcode set, unlock your device and go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > and select Turn Passcode Off.

4. Plug in your iDevice to your computer. This can be any device running iOS 6.x, except for Apple TV devices.

5. Click the “Jailbreak” button to start the jailbreak process.

6. Your device will first be automatically rebooted, followed by other jailbreak steps including preparing jailbreak data, injecting jailbreak data, uploading cydia, etc.

7. The process will take several minutes to complete. Just be patient and don’t disconnect your device. Once Evasi0n completes most of the jailbreak steps, you should see the following screen.

8. Simply follow the instructions and unlock your device. You should see a new “Jailbreak” icon on the home screen. Tap the icon just once to continue the jailbreak process.

9. It’ll take a couple of minutes for the rest of jailbreak process to finish. Once completed, you’ll see a “Jailbreak Complete” screen.

10. Your device will be automatically rebooted and you’ll see a large evasi0n icon during the reboot.

That’s it. Once your device boots up, you should find a new “Cydia” icon in the home screen. Congratulation, you’ve successfully jailbroken your device! In total, the process took roughly 10 minutes to complete on my iPad. If you run into any issues along the way, evasi0n states that it’s safe to reboot your tablet or the app and start the process over. Or you can view the support page here. Again, the worst-case scenario is that you restore your iDevice and try again.