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How to Make a Playlist with YouTube App on iPad

YouTube app for iPad has an useful feature that allows you to create lists of videos that you like.  You can make as many lists as you want, and then add as many videos as you want to each one. However, this feature is somewhat buried. In this post, I’ll show you where to go to make a playlist and how to add and remove videos with YouTube’s iPad app.

Add to Playlist

To create a playlist, you will first need to find a video to start off that playlist. When you are watching a video, you’ll find an Add to Playlist button hidden behind the share button. The share button sits below a video when viewing in regular mode, and it sits above a video when viewing in full-screen mode.

Build a New Playlist

When you tap the Add to Playlist button, you can scroll through your list of playlists and select one to add it to, or you can select Create a New Playlist to have it be the first video in a new playlist.

To remove a video from a playlist, you’ll need to tap on your name below the Account header in the left-hand menu to expand the menu items. From the expanded menu options, tap on the Playlists button to view your various playlists. Tap on a playlist to expand it and then tap the Edit button hiding in the upper-right corner. Now in edit mode, you can tap the small red button to the left of a video to summon a Delete button to the right.


YouTube playlists are handy for keeping track of videos that you like, and now you know the in’s and out’s of making them on iPad.  I see playlists best being used for managing favorites, connecting a series of videos, or creating a track list of music.

How do you use YouTube playlists on iPad?  We’d love to hear your ideas and methods in the comments below!