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How to Play Any Video Format on Your iPad or iPad Mini

The iPad and iPad mini are all great for watching videos, but Apple’s devices don’t support most iPad video formats. In fact, the new iPad and iPad miniare limited to playing H.264 videos if you want high resolutions: they can play MPEG-4 videos but only up to 640×480.  And you guys usually get videos from various sources. It means most videos you have are in various formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, MTS, M2TS and so on. This will cause you trouble when you try to play your videos on iPad. Here are the ways to play any video format videoson your iPad tablet.

Play video on iPad with iOS video player apps

Third-party video player apps are capable of playing other formats, albeit by using the iPad’s CPU rather than the graphics processor. That means it might eat up more battery power than using Apple’s default video player, but in most cases it’s worth it.

So what are your options? For most people, the best choice is an app called AVPlayer HD. Currently, it costs $2.99 from the App Store, which is a small price to pay for the convenience.  AVPlayer HD supports a similar range of formats plus more subtitle formats and Dolby TrueHD. It will also let you transfer video files to your iPad via Wi-Fi as well as via a USB cable from iTunes. AVPlayer HD can also use the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch GPU for hardware accelerated playback, so long as the video is in H.264 format.

Other apps include Cinexplayer HD ($3.49) and OPlayer HD ($4.99). The best for you will depend on whether you want to stream the videos across your home network, or play them locally on your iPad.

Play video on iPad with desktop video conversion apps

The alternative way to play any video on iPad or iPad mini is 3rd-party iPad video converters. The software actually helps you play any video on iPad by changing the wrapping of these videos, which means that only the cover of your video (i.e. video container like AVI etc. ) is changed and not the extract content. In other words, the video quality is unchanged from the original. And the process is ultra-fast. Take Wondershare Video Converter example

Just batch load the video files to the app, and choose an appropriate output format for iPad. The optimized preset can surely fit your device best. And hit the “Convert” button to convert videos to iPad supported format without sacrificing any video and audio quality. All the tasks will be done at ultra-fast speed, just a few minutes. When conversion is completed, you can add the converted files to iTunes, and then sync them to your iPad.