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How to Play AVI on iPad(including the 4th Gen iPad)

With all the new iPad users visiting iPadinTouch every day, we’re increasingly being asked will iPad play AVI or how to play AVI on iPad , so we prepared this article about AVI playback on iPad or the new 4th gen iPad.

Will the iPad Play/Support AVI Video Files?

If the AVI file is compatible with the Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) encoded AVI videos (up to 1280×720, 30 fps frames rate, ulaw audio), then Yes. Apple users may find this surprising since the company’s previous mobile devices did not support AVI files. This is the first time Apple has provided support for video playback beyond MPEG-4 and QuickTime formats on iOS. PCM stereo audio is also supported in AVI files on the iPad.

However, nowadays on the market, a majority of AVI files are not encoded with Motion JPEG. And some users might not that knowledgeable about iPad video file formats. In other words, iPad supports some types of video cameras watch their AVI footage via the camera card reader accessory, it won’t let you watch downloaded AVI movies on the iPad. So how to play AVI movies downloaded from the Internet on you iPad?

Play AVI on iPad with Video Conversion Program (recommened)

We’ve set up the 3rd-party iPad Video Converters to convert any video(including AVI and HD AVI) into an MP4 file that will play perfectly on the iPad.  From the top-rated iPad video converter reviews , iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac (For Mac OS) and Wondershare Video Converter (for Windows) which provide optimized presets for your iPad so you don’t need to worry about the settings for your iPad.

1. Drag-n-drop to add AVI to Video Converter

2. Select iPad preset from format list

3. Hit convert to start AVI to iPad conversion

4. When the conversion is done, drop the new MP4 file into iTunes and sync to your iPad.

Play AVI on iPad with CineXPlayer App (without conversion)

Alternatively, you can download an iPad app that does play these files. The CineXPlayer App ($3.99) lets you play AVI and XVID movies on your iPad. It is about as simple as it could be. First, install it. Second, drag any AVI files you have into the app’s file-sharing section in iTunes, just like you do with comics, Pages documents and the like. That’s it. To play a movie, just open CineXPlayer and tap on the filename. You get Play/Pause, volume and skip-to-beginning buttons, along with a zoom button, and that’s it. The video just work and the sound is way louder than what you get in the too-quiet built-in player.  You can use that to watch your videos without needing to convert them.