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How to Play Free Video Podcasts on iPad

I recently answered the following question.”When you download a video podcast to your iPad, where does it go? How do I play it? How to explore the free video podcasts available on iTunes?” Today’s tip will show you how to explore and play the free video podcast content on iPad. Here’s how:

Start by opening the iTunes application, then tap the podcast button at the bottom of the screen. You may then use the Search function at the top right of the screen to search for podcasts of a particular type. After you select a podcast, the price will be listed along with the title for each episode. The video podcast we have picked is free (most are), so tap the grey button to select, then tap the green Get Episode button to commence the podcast download.

After the podcast is finished downloading, close iTunes and open the Videos application. Tap the Podcasts button at the top centre of the screen, then tap the podcast video you wish to view. Whilst viewing the video, the screen may be tapped to show the standard video controls or you may tap the blue Done button to return to the video selection screen.

To delete a video, tap and hold a video and the “circled X” button will appear. Tap the circle and a dialog will appear confirming the decision the delete the video.