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How to Play Movies from Torrents on iPad Mini

With torrent, you can gain easier and quicker access to the amazing movies and music. While iPad Mini meets every requirement you could ask for a portable media player with its cutting edge initiatives. Here are the tips to play Torrent movies on iPad Mini.

Play Torrent Movies on iPad Mini with Torrent Player App

Torrent Player for jailbroken iPad Minis and iPads is a must-have app for any regular BitTorrent user looking to watch content on their mobile iOS device. The free torrent video player allows you to watch videos without having to wait until they’re finished downloading!

Apple has approved several BitTorrent apps for its app store, Conttrol being among them, but none allow for direct downloads to your iPhone or iPad. They are merely remote clients for controlling desktop BitTorrent applications.

Torrent Player is different because it allows you to download video content directly to your mobile device. Apple would never approve this app because of obvious copyright infringement concerns, and so that’s why it’s only available in the Cydia app store (only available on jailbroken devices)

Using Torrent Player is fairly straightforward. You have have several trackers to choose from – The Pirate Bay, Clearbits.net, Google, and Demonoid – but sadly Demonoid was shutdown by Ukrainian authorities early last month. Just search for what you want and tap on the tracker link. Torrent Player does the rest.

Play Torrent Movies on iPad Mini with Video Converter Desktop App

Due to its limited support for video formats, you can’t get the full enjoyment of your downloaded torrent videos or music on iPad (it shouldn’t be a luxury, but a necessity). To solve your problem, you can get 3rd-party iPad video converter software to convert torrent to play on iPad and iPad mini. Wondershare Video Converter is the top choice , with it you can gain loss-less quality of video based on superb fast conversion speed. Moreover, with an optimized preset for iPad 3, you can achieve above conversion effortlessly.

  1. Directly drag and drop the torrent files to the main window;
  2. Select the iPad preset under the Apple Device section;
  3. Click “Start” to convert torrent to iPad on Mac OS X including Snow Leopard and OS X Lion.
  4. Play torrent on iPad by syncing or home sharing