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How to Re-download iTunes Music, Movies, & TV Shows to Your iPad with iCloud

For a long time now, the iTunes App Store has let you re-download music,movies and TV shows to your iPad with iCloud and iTunes in the Cloud. It means if you downloaded a movie or music a long time ago, on a different device, or simply deleted it in order to save space, you can go back and re-download it again.

Re-downloading music, movies, and TV shows is a little more complicated than re-downloading apps simply because licensing restrictions don’t allow it in all areas (yet). From the iTunes in the Cloud availability by country available from Apple official website, you will notice that Music is currently available in many regions. TV shows are only available in Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. Movie re-downloads are only available in the U.S.

If iTunes re-downloads are available in you region, you can safely restore your content to your iPad without being charged again.

1. Launch the iTunes app from your iPad.
2. Tap on the Purchased tab along the bottom of the navigation menu.

3. On the top left, there is a View button to choose between movies, music, or TV shows
4. You’ll see a list of items you’ve previously purchased. Just as with apps, you can choose at the top to only view items not currently installed by tapping on the Not on this iPad button.

5. Once you find the title you’d like to re-download to your iPad – tap the iCloud download icon to install it again.
6. Type in your iTunes password if prompted and your song, album, movie, or TV show will begin downloading.