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How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone or iPad After iOS 7 Upgrade

iOS 7 brings a major overhaul to Apple’s mobile operating system and as such, installing it on the iPhone or iPad requires a major upgrade. However, even a well-engineered upgrade can sometimes fail and may lead to data loss. It is therefore important to take time and back up information and settings right before upgrading to iOS 7. If for any reason you do not have the data on the iDevice after upgrading to iOS 7, take a look at the below tips on how to restore iPhone or iPad from a previous backup.

There are two ways to restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch data after updating to iOS 7. If you made a recent backup via iTunes, simply connect the iDevice to the computer and restore via iTunes. You can also restore from your iDevice itself via 3rd-party ios data recovery software.  By the way, in certain cases after the iOS update, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch could automatically enter Recovery Mode. If your iPhone or iPad was automatically placed in Recovery Mode after the upgrade, you would need to restore it via iTunes. Refer to this troubleshooting article for a detailed procedure on how to get the iPhone out of recovery mode after iOS upgrade.

Restoring from backup made via iTunes

If you choose to restore from a backup made via iTunes, once you set the iPhone or iPad language and country, tap “Restore from iTunes Backup”

NOTE: Before you connect the iPhone or iPad to your PC, run iTunes and navigate to Edit > Preferences > Devices. Make sure that the “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically” option is checked, then click OK. This will prevent iTunes from overwriting the last iPhone or iPad backup you made with a new one.

Next, connect the iPhone to your computer. Once the device appears in iTunes, click on it and from the Summary tab click the “Restore Backup…” button. From the next prompt, select the most recent backup and click “Restore”.

Restoring from iDevice via third-party ios data recovery software

Above method is a simple work to restore your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes backup file. However, the bad point is that you can’t access and view the iTunes backup file, unless you restore it entirely to your device. The third-party iOS data recovery program that detailedly scans your iPhone or iPad and takes data on it. The Dr.Fone from Wondershare is nice utility that helps to scan your iDevice to recover data from it, including contacts, sms, photos, videos, notes, and more. Currently, it works perfectly with iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/3G, all iPads and iPod touch 5/4.

First, connect your dead iDevice to the computer and select “Recover from iOS device”.


Next you need to click the “Start Scan” button to scan. The scan will stop after a few minutes. Found data will be displayed in categories, such as Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, etc. You can preview each of them one by one, and mark those you want to save them on your computer by clicking “Recover”. That’s so easy.


Do either of these solutions help you recover your lost data after upgrading to iOS 7