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How to Sync Your Facebook Contacts to iPad

One of the new features of iOS 6 is integration with Facebook, so it’s easy to post updates, photos and videos from your iPad, and you can also sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone or iPad. The guide below outlines how to link or remove their Facebook contacts for iOS 6 on the iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4th generation.

Before iOS 6, this process was complicated and difficult as Facebook wasn’t integrated into the operating system. It often required third party apps to import and sync Facebook contact information and photos on your iPad. Thankfully, this has all changed with iOS 6. And the latest iPad Facebook App updates include the ability to sync our contacts in our iPad Address Book, website, and other information our Friends provide to Facebook. To import your Facebook Friend’s email you’ll need to Import them with this process to Address Book and then sync them to your iPad. In the past we described a way to add your Facebook friends to Address Book and we wanted to now bring you the latest and greatest way to keep Facebook and your iPad Contacts in sync.

How to link Facebook and iPad contacts in iOS 6

In iOS 6, linking your Facebook account couldn’t be simpler. Tap on the Settings app, scroll down to Facebook, tap it, install it if you haven’t already done so, then enter your username and password.

Finally, tap Sign In and your Facebook contacts will be added to your iDevice. Calendar information will also be added.

Note that there’s a Settings button just above where you put in your username and password. This is where you can enable or disable alerts for chats and messages. For other notifications, you’ll need to use the settings within the Facebook app itself.

How to remove Facebook contacts from your iPad

The trouble is, some people don’t keep their Facebook profile up to date, also, it can be annoying to have your iOS device’s Mail app default to a friend’s @facebook.com email address rather than the one they use most often, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Fortunately, as long as you haven’t tapped the update button manually, it’s easy to remove all Facebook contact information from your iPhone and iPad.

When you signed into Facebook in your device’s Settings menu (under iOS 6), contact information wasn’t actually written into your iPad’s Contacts app. It merely subscribed you to the list of contact information from Facebook which was visible within the Contacts app and other apps (such as Mail) on your device.

To turn off Facebook contacts, simply go back to the Settings app, scroll down to Facebook, tap it, then look for a section heading: Allow These Apps To Use Your Account. You will see Contacts in this list; all you need to do is slide the switch to Off. It may take a little while for the Facebook contact information to be removed from your iPhone or iPad.

I hope that the next social network that receives iPad integration is LinkedIn.