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How to Transfer Audio into iOS iTunes?

Is there a way to get an audio file, such as one stored on Dropbox, onto an iPad? Is a tethered transfer of audio from iTunes the only solution?

iTunes maintains its own asset library system that isn’t generally accessible (except for reading) to developers. The third-party iPad transfer apps can browse the unit’s iTunes music library and choose tracks and play them back (and, even access the data directly if they need to). But there’s no way for them to modify the library itself by adding new tracks.

The Dropbox can use the documents sharing API to open files in conforming apps, but with the digital rights limitation, the onboard audio app does not comply with this. There have been numerous projects over the years to reverse engineer the iTunes library format and modify it, especially on Mac and Windows, but these projects fall outside of the normal terms and use of iTunes and the onboard iOS app. It does not appear as a possibility in the “Open In” menus for m4a, mp3, and other audio data.

Currently Apple would know this and allow you to bring third party tracks like those from Amazon into the iTunes system sans computer, the third-party iPad transfer apps may help.