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How to Transfer TiVo Recordings on The iPad

I have a new Retina display iPad. I have a TiVo Premiere DVR, which records HD programming. Naturally, my geeky self got to thinking: “Wouldn’t it be cool to transfer my favorite recordings from the TiVo to the iPad?”

Yes, it would be cool. But the TiVo-sanctioned software and the TiVo Web site also lists two software suites from Roxio are proved to be expensive, and time consuming to use. You can purchase 3rd-party iPad Video Converter, such as Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter it is priced at only $29, and it’s easy, fast and worth the effort.

To start, you should download the free TiVo Transfer program that provided on TiVo Web site to transfer TiVo recordings to the PC or Mac computer. After launching the software, you may choose your TiVo Premiere DVR as the transfer source (your TiVo and computer must be connected to the same network). Click on “Pick Recordings to Transfer”. Check the box next to the title of the show (or shows) you want to transfer and click on “Start Transfer”. Transfer times vary, depending on how fast/slow your computer is, the transfer process can take a while.

Afterwards, you can launch Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter, import the source TiVo files for processing. At this point, you have the ability to edit the video file – trim, crop, watermark the video. Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter offers the real-time video editing, a nice touch. You can preview the video when editing.

From the bottom panel, you can selected the device (options include iPad and iPhone/AppleTV/iPod Apple T) for which you wanted the file formatted. You can also select the video quality and the folder in which the file would be saved.

Once your settings are chosen, you can click to start the conversion. Unlike TiVo Transfer, Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter displays a helpful progress bar. The final step was to import the converted video file into your iTunes library and sync it to the iPad.

Buying an HD program through iTunes and downloading it directly to an iPad is way faster and easier. And it delivers a program with noticeably sharper video quality. If you plan to regularly transfer tons of programs and you don’t mind going to the trouble and the inferior video quality, iPad Video Converters will ultimately save you money. Otherwise, just buy your entertainment through iTunes and get your geek on some other way.

More about TiVO
TiVo is a digital video recorder (DVR) developed and marketed by TiVo, Inc. TiVo provides an on-screen guide of scheduled broadcast programming television programs, whose features include “Season Pass” schedules which record every new episode of a series, and “WishList” searches which allow the user to find and record shows that match their interests by title, actor, director, category, or keyword. TiVo also provides features when the TiVo DVR is connected to network: film and television show downloads, advanced search, personal photo viewing, music offerings, and online scheduling.