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How to Upgrade Your iPad to iOS 5

Apple has released iOS 5 for public update. All devices from iPad can be updated to iOS 5 free of cost. If you’re concerned about the upgrade process, or simply want to know all your setup options before making the big switch, let us help you upgrade your iPad to iOS 5 with this step-by-step guide.

Things To Do Before You Upgrade iPad to iOS 5

Now that you’ve double-checked that your device is capable of running iOS 5, here’s what you need to do:

  • Clear up your iPad
    Upgrading to iOS 5 is a great time to get rid of your least used apps, clean out your old photos, and pare down your media.

    You can, of course, do this on your iPad if you want, but we find the easiest way to clean up a device is actually through iTunes. Just plug your device into your computer, select it under ‘Devices’ in iTunes and then use the tabs at the top to quickly delete apps, movies, music or photos that you don’t want anymore.

    The benefits here aren’t just having a cleaner device when you install iOS 5. Because iOS 5 will need to copy all of your data back onto your iPad after the OS has been updated, pruning your data to the barest minimum can significantly shorten the process.

  • Manually backup iPad
    It is importnat to back up your iPad before you upgrade. This will keep your information safe, and will allow you to restore your device to the way it was before upgrading to iOS 5.

    Load up iTunes, connect your device, select it under the “Devices” heading, right click and select “Backup” A minute or so later and your device’s data should be all backed up and ready to update.

  • Upgrade to iTunes 10.5
    This one’s a no-brainer. You can’t upgrade to iOS 5 if you don’t have the latest version of iTunes installed. Download iTunes 10.5 for PC or Mac here.

Steps to upgrade your iPad to iOS

Now it’s time to get Apple’s newest mobile operating system on your iPad, where it belongs, and it couldn’t be easier.

  1. Plug your current iPad into your computer and open iTunes. Your iPad should start to sync automagically.
  2. If it doesn’t start to sync automatically, click the Sync button in order to back up your device. (You can alternately right click your device name in the navigation bar and click back up as well. Either way will work just fine.)
  3. iTunes may prompt you that an update is available. If it does just click update after you’ve backed up your iPad(iTunes will also prompt you to back up if you haven’t already.)
  4. If it doesn’t, click Check for Update under the Version section.
  5. The new software will start to download and then install. Your iPad will restart. Be patient, and let iTunes do it’s thing and update your iPad to iOS 5.

Once you finish the setup process, you’ll be asked if you’d like to send Apple anonymous diagnostics and usage information (similar to a desktop crash report). And with that, congratulations! You’re ready to begin using iOS 5 on iPad.

The Future of iOS Upgrades

This may be the last time you have to go through iTunes to upgrade your iOS device, thanks to iOS 5’s new Software Update feature. With it, you’ll be able to download all future software updates over-the-air.