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How to Upload iPad 1080P HD Videos to YouTube

Something I’ve noticed is when you upload videos from the Photos App to youtube from my new iPad, it only uploads in 720p. Is it possible to upload in full 1080p?

The new iPad 3rd gen has a much improved camera – so much improved you can take 1080p HD videos, but it doesn’t work with recorded 1080p videos when trying to upload to YouTube. When the video is uploaded to YouTube, it comes out as 720p the camera is rated at 8MP and 1080p definition. Luckily, iMovie app and desktop apps make this really easy to do.

Upload iPad 1080p HD video to YouTube with iMovie

With iLife ’11, Apple implemented a lot more social features to better integrated the desktop suite with social networks such as Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube. Movie’11 can upload 1080p HD videos directly to Youtube without having to trick the application in god knows what obscure way as in the previous editions of iMovie.

Upload iPad 1080p HD video to YouTube with Third-party Video Converter

The second way to upload video to YouTube website, you can put it on your desktop or laptop to convert the recorded 1080p HD video to FLV (Adobe Flash) video format that’s most compatible with YouTube.

How to convert the recorded new iPad 1080p HD video to HD FLV on Mac
* On your Mac, download a third-party video converter

* Load in iPhone 4S 1080p HD video to the converter, convert the video to HD FLV video conversion.
* After converting, you can upload 1080P FLV videos to YouTube and share it.