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How to Watch DVD Movies on Kindle Fire

You may decide to go with the Amason Kindle Fire as your tablet of choice this holiday season. Maybe you know that you can watch some video to it with Amazon Prime streaming, but you don’t know how to watch DVD collection on Kindle Fire. Converting DVD movies to watch on the Kindle Fire is pretty easy, this tutorial will show you how to convert any DVD, protected or not, to Amazon Kindle Fire. Read on for the full tutorial.

Watch DVD on Kindle Fire: What you need

  • DVD drive. Any more, DVD drives have dropped in prices to the point where they aren’t out of reach of the normal consumer. Sites like Newegg.com have respectable name-brand drives for around $60 these days.
  • DVD disc. A DVD movie you want to copy and watch on device.
  • DVD ripping software. Unlike other tutorials that require more than two programs, or programs that aren’t trustworthy or powerful, we convert DVD to Kindle Fire compatible MP4 format using Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum (click here to download). The program is easy to use, and will let you rip your entire DVD collection to any portable devices. It’s a simply awesome program that has functionality that you may find interesting beyond just converting DVD to Kindle Fire. It will let you take DVDs and convert them into a plethora of formats for any portable devices.
  • Free space on your hard drive. Since DVDs tend to be pretty big, make sure you have ample space on your hard drive to store as much as 10GB of files during the conversion.

Once you’ve installed Wondershare DVD Riper Platinum, and you’ve inserted your DVD movie, you’re ready to start.

Watch DVD on Kindle Fire – step 1

Launch Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum for the first time, click “Load DVD” and select the mode to load DVDs. DVD folder, ISO and IFO are supported.

Watch DVD on Kindle Fire – step 2

Then, go ahead and click the profile in the bottom left, selecting Video File from the drop-down menu Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum is a great program. You could choose any of those presets if you’d like to convert DVD to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or another device. We choose MP4 format and stuck with the default setting, and just changed the output folder so that it was easier to recognize when we’re done.

Watch DVD on Kindle Fire – step 3

You’ve now got your converted movies on your connected Kindle Fire. The MP4 presets that we used create a beautiful, high-def video that doesn’t take up too much space. Perfect for plane rides, family vacations, or late-night movie watching in bed.