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How to Watch DVR Recordings on iPad?

DVR (digital video recorder) is of course a great product, which you can record whatever your HDTV or media player plays. For those who don’t want to miss a show and are out of the house unexpectedly, it can really be a life saver. Well, with DVR you can easily watch the recorded movies, matches and more recordings on your HDTV, but what if you wanna enjoy the contents on the go with your iPad? So here is how to watch DVR recordings on iPad.

Watch DVR recordings on iPad with iOS app

DirecTV customers have the ability to schedule and change shows to be recorded on their DVR while on the go using the DirecTV iPad app. The app will stream live TV, DVR recordings and TV shows from a cable company’s On Demand library to one’s iPad” from both the comfort of their home and while they were out on the road. Recent update adds the ability to manage recordings on all of your connected HD DVRs. As seen in the screenshot above, new update ties into the company’s whole home DVR setup by letting a user control one box directly, then browse recordings stored elsewhere and play them in the room in the room where they are. Also new is the ability to delete DVR’d shows straight from the iPad directly.

Similarly, there is a Dish Hopper Transfer for iPad takes your DVR content offline. Assuming you have the necessary hardware, including Dish’s latest DVR and an iPad, Hopper Transfers will let you offload any and all of your recorded movies and TV shows to the Apple tablet. The STB uses the Sling transcoder to convert your content to a compatible format, then the app wireless boots a sub-HD version to your portable device. Transcoding occurs at 1:1 speed, meaning an hour of footage will take an hour of processing, but you do have the option of converting your videos immediately after they’re recorded, so they’re prepped before you need to run out the door to catch a flight (the actual wireless transfer takes between five and eight minutes for each hour-long show).

Watch DVR recordings on iPad with 3rd-party iPad Video Converter

We know that DVRs records video normally using H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 encode. And the recorded video can be H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2 .mpg, MPEG-2 .TS, VOB and ISO images video, with MP3 and AC3 audio tracks. And the resolution of these files may be 480p/i/576p/I (standard DVR), or 720p/1080i (HD DVR). Some DVRs like Elgato EyeTV HD can record DVR videos to iPad compatible formats directly. But some DVRs may be updated to record video in new formats. You need convert those DVR to iPad supported format first. Iskysoft iPad Video Converter for Mac is one of the conversion solutions (for PC, check Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter):


1. Copy the DVR files to your computer and run the Video Converter. Then add the DVR files to the DVR to iPad Converter by dragging and dropping the selected files to the application.
2. Select iPad from Devices category in the format tray. By choosing this preset, you needn’t to set the video format, video resolution and more by yourself. All has been done automatically.
3. Hit convert button to start conversion and then sync the converted DVR to iPad on computer.