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How to Watch Google Play Videos on Your iPad or iPhone

A letter from iPadinTouch user:

Earlier tonight I purchased some movies on Google Play and I wanted to watch them on my iPad and iPhone.  There’s no official player for these, how to watch Google Play video purchases on iOS? Thanks.

Answer from iPadinTouch team:

Google Play is heavily tied to the YouTube video player, and that’s a handy connection you can use. Surprise, surprise: If you’ve purchased a movie or TV show from the Google Play store, it’s actually possible to view it on your iOS device — no jailbreaking or other hoop-jumping required.

Here is how to watch Google Play videos on your iPad or iPhone

Step 1: Install the YouTube app on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2: Run the app and sign into your YouTube account (which is the same as your Google/Gmail account).

Step 3: Tap the menu button in the top-left corner, or simply swipe to the right to reveal the menu.


Step 4: Scroll down until you see Purchases, then tap it.

Step 5: You should see all your Google Play movies and TV shows. Tap the one you want to watch!

Please note the Purchases tab will contain all of your Google Play Movies and TV content, available for you to watch within the YouTube app. It’s through YouTube you watch your content on your computer, but it isn’t immediately obvious that you can do the same through the iOS app. You can only stream, there’s no way to cache it for offline viewing, so it operates more like a Netflix than an iTunes. There’s also no links to the store, it’s literally just a list of your stuff. But, it’s really simple, and it gives you another source of video to watch on your iOS device.

Update: Google Play Movies & TV (free) is now available for the first time on iOS. Google’s app lets users watch movies and TV shows that were purchased or rented from Google Play. At the moment, streaming video only works over a Wi-Fi connection. TV shows are currently available in the U.S., U.K., and Japan.