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How to Watch HQ YouTube Video on iPhone or iPad over 3G

The built-in YouTube app on iPhone or iPad only allows user to view high quality video when you’re connected to Wi-Fi network. Once you switch to 3G data network, the YouTube app streams video in lower resolution and the YouTube slow on iPad or iPhone. If you own a jailbroken iPad or iPhone, you may use My3G hack to stream HQ YouTube video over 3G network. However, there is an easier way to do so and it doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Abandon the Built-in YouTube App

What you need to do is simply point your mobile Safari to m.youtube.com. Yes, instead of using the built-in YouTube app, go directly to the mobile version of YouTube. The site features a drastic overhaul and is written specifically for HTML5 devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. What’s more, YouTube updated the mobile version of their website last July. This new web version had more features and loaded much faster than the native iPhone YouTube app.

Watch HQ YouTube Videos over 3G on your iPhone/iPad with WebApp

The new user interface begins with a very clean looking ‘home-screen’ with quick and easy access to subscriptions, playlists, favorites, your uploaded content, as well as quick access to video searching and settings. From there, you have complete control over the quality of video for streaming even you’re watching it over 3G.

1. Visit http://m.youtube.com in Safari on your iPhone/iPad.
2. Make the “HQ” button is enabled. The video will be delivered in higher quality.
3. Add the YouTube mobile site to your homescreen. Tap the “+” in Safari.
4. A high quality bookmark image will now look nice and pretty on your homescreen.

How are you liking videos on the YouTube mobile web app?