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How to Wirelessly Transfer Downloaded or Converted Video Files to iPad

Unlike digital photos, there isn’t a common standard for videos. If someone sends you a JPG, and all cameras save photos as JPGs, you’ll be able to view it on iPad. With videos, things get tricky. Different devices shoot in different formats, and iPad playback device may not support all formats usually not the one you’re trying to play.

This is where video converters come in. These tools allow you to import one or more video clips and convert them to a different format. They support a wide range of formats, so can handle most common formats. There are plenty of free and paid-for versions, and we’ll make a few recommendations of best iPad Video Converters to help you out. One of our favourite options is Wondershare Video Converter Pro.It does a reliable job and is fairly easy to use, and the best is that you can wirelessly transfer the converted and downloaded video files to your iPad without the use of a USB cable.

Step 1: Convert home DVDs, videos and online videos to iPad compatible formats

1. Import your DVDs by clicking “Load DVD”, if you want to import video files, load them by clicking the “Add Files” button. Or, for a more direct method, simply drag your media files and drop them into the program window. For online video, just click the “Download” button on the top menu, copy your video link, and then click “Add URL”. This app will start to download videos.

2. In the “Output Format” drop-down window on the right side of the program window, select iPad device to convert to, and then click the “Convert” button on the lower-right corner of the interface and then your video will be converted in no time.

Step 2: Begin transfer converted and downloaded video to iPad via wireless network

After converting your video, click on the “Transfer Now” in the wireless video transfer prompt window. A wireless transfer link in QR code will be generated for you.

For downloaded videos, you can then begin the process of transferring your video to your iPad by clicking the ‘Transfer Recent Downloads’ button or clicking the corresponding icon below it (highlighted in red).

Step 3: Scan the QR Code

Clicking either of the buttons will produce a pop-up message asking you to scan a QR code. Go to your mobile device and open up the Wondershare Player. Select the ‘Transfer via WiFi option in the drop-down menu and scan the QR code shown on your computer with the Wondershare Player.
Note: If you are the first time to use this Wireless Transfer feature, you need to have Wondershare Player installed on your device first.

When your iPad has scanned the QR code, you will see the video start to be transfered to your tablet.