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How to Play Flash Videos and Games on Your iPad

Trying to figure out how to play Flash videos on your iPad? Apple doesn’t support Adobe Flash video on any iPad – including the new iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get Flash on your iPad at all.. Fortunately,  There are still a variety of ways to watch Flash videos even Flash games on your iPad.

Why doesn’t the iPad support Flash?

Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs famously bashed Flash for mobile, and refused to allow the technology on the iOS platform. Instead, Jobs fought for the alternative HTML5 standard, which is beginning to replace Flash around the web.

Best apps for playing Flash on iPad

There are some iOS apps that will enable you to play Flash videos and games on your iPad include Photon Browser, Puffin, Skyfire Browser and iSwifter Browser.

Photon Browser seems to be the most popular choice for iPad users that require Flash support. It’s a $4.49 for iPad that acts as a good alternative browser to Safari, and also has a Flash mode that you turn on by tapping the lightning bolt icon in the top right corner.

The Photon Browser also optimizes certain features for Flash, such as the ability to split the screen for Flash video playback and an easy rotation lock for playing Flash games.


Skyfire Browser ($4.99) Skyfire has long been one of the top mobile web browsers. In addition to watching Flash videos, the browser integrates many different social media features. Unfortunately, Skyfire does not support playing Flash games. It also does not provide a way to turn off the social media features, which can become quite annoying for those that don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter or Facebook.

iSwifter is designed for Flash games, and is free for 10 minutes per day for seven days. After that, you’ll have to cough up £5.49 for the privilege. You’ll need to be connected to WiFi to use iSwifter, as it doesn’t work with 3G or 4G connections.

Other ways to play Flash on iPad

HTML5 alternative for Playing Flash on iPad
While Adobe moves away from Flash, many websites will realize you’re on an iPad that use Flash on your Mac or Windows PC send you H.264/HTML 5 video instead. YouTube is one of big examples. It’s continuing its push for Google’s open source WebM format by adding support for 1080p playback to its HTML5 player.

Before you try anything else, simply try going to the website in Safari. And if it doesn’t work automatically, look for link for “Mobile version” or “iPhone/iPad optimized”, use it.

iPad Video Converters (Computer-based software)
There are some 3rd-party iPad video converter programs can convert flash and SWF files to be played on iPad. Such as Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter is not an iOS app,  but a computer-based tool instead. It can quickly turn Flash video into a format that compatible with the iPad.

Just add your flash video(if the video has not been downloaded to your local computer, you can first visit All Video Downloads to download them for FREE),  and then click ‘Convert’ button.  Once the file was converted, all you need to do was inport to iTunes and sync it to the iPad. A few minutes of waiting later, and you will be able to view the uploaded video, in its entirety fromyour iPad.

so…there you have it.  This is admittedly not ideal, but you can quickly convert and play long Flash video on your iPad. Priced at $29 only, but you can get it to format other popular video formats to iPad/iPhone/iPod compatible.

Aiseesoft iPad Video Converter – $29 – More info and free trial