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Huge productivity in iPhone app development due to iPad

According to Flurry, and analytics company for mobile-app developers, a huge and unprecedented number iPhone apps are in development in January. They reported today that some 600 new applications were developed for the App Store in December of 2009, while more than 1,600 were built during January.Phillip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune identified this spike as the largest in Flurry’s history.  Many believe that, as with the iPhone’s initial launch, the first apps to be made available specifically for the iPad will realize huge sales. A land grab, if you will.

Many of the developers we’re speaking with at Macworld Expo are excited about the iPad, but cautious. For example, when we spoke with Steve Shepard of Storyist, he said that he’s excited to buy one and consider how it could fit with his product, but doesn’t have solid plans to get right to work.

We’ll see if the excitement is maintained after the device actually launches.