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iBooks Can Open EPUB Books on iPad

One of the main attractions of the iPad is iBooks. This application provides a great digital book reading experience for all iPad users and a source of envy for others. But now book lovers who have an iPad(or iPhone, iPod) can rejoice because iBooks can now open EPUB books directly.

iBooks now recognizes EPUB files, which means it can open those files directly from anywhere on your iPhone, from your email to a DropBox folder or whatever you’ve got. That includes Mobile Safari as well — you can just tap a link to an eBook, and open it right up in iBooks.

Where, you might ask, can you find EPUB files? Lots of eBook retailers sell them directly, either in zipped copies or just as a file itself. Or, if you head over to the official format site, you can find a whole list of classic titles all ready to read in EPUB format. And Project Gutenberg also offers most of its titles in EPUB format, so you can grab them from there as well.As a result, you can browse ePub collections on the Internet plus buy, download and import ePub releases straight into iBooks, bypassing a computer entirely. Purchased ePubs will be transferred to your desktop the next time you sync to iPad with iTunes. This one’s credited to Adam Engst of TidBITS who first discovered this change in the recently updated iBooks app.

You can now transfer EPUB files into iBooks far more easily than before, when the only way was to drop them into iTunes and do a USB sync. For individual users, that means you can send yourself an EPUB via email and transfer the attachment to iBooks, and you can also copy EPUB files into Dropbox and use the iOS Dropbox app to send them to iBooks.