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iMovie for iPhone 4 Only, not iPad

This year’s WWDC debuted a load of eye candy, but iMovie caught my especial attention. It requires the extra power of the fast A4 processor that sits below both the iPad and the iPhone 4. Unfortunately, iMovie looks to work only for the iPhone 4. Things may change – God knows that the iPad should be better for movie editing – but ‘when’ and ‘if’ are somewhat dark.

Additionally, iMovie software won’t run on the iPad due to the high-density screen needed on the iPhone 4. Projects edited on the iPhone cannot be transferred to iMovie on the Mac, either.

Video clips can be recorded directly within iMovie, or from the camera roll. The software itself will ship on June 24, alongside the iPhone 4 hardware.

Here are some overall information on iPhone’s 4 iMovie:

  • It is a no-go on the iPhone 3GS, you need the iPhone 4’s A4 processor (iPad version por favor?) and probably its higher res screen as well.   Handling video and creating real-time transitions was the official reason.
  • You can’t export projects (yet?) to iMovie on the Mac for further editing.  Obviously you can export via iTunes flat movies and do whatever you want on the desktop after that.
  • You can record video and still directly within the application or bring in previously recorded stills/videos.  Because of the way the iOS works, you can also use footage sent to you via email because image/video files are saved in the Camera Roll.  Obviously the files would need to be Apple-approved formats like H.264.  .AVIs need not apply.
  • The app will ship on June 24th for $4.99 (known already).  The app is for iPhone only because it probably uses the higher res display and probably won’t upscale to the iPad’s display.  It would be surprising if a iPad version doesn’t at some point ship, whether the iPad gets a camera or not.