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Imtoo Video Converter Upgraded to Version 7, Supports the New iPad and 2D to 3D Conversion

ImTOO recently released ImTOO Video Converter for Mac version 7, the next incarnation of its video conversion software that handles more formats than ever, converts video for the new iPad, and even lets users deal with 2D 3D video conversion.

The program now comes the built-in profile for new iPad, supports the New iPad H.264 HD video, so it can help you to enjoy fantastic HD video on the New iPad.

In addition to general video, the program now also functions as an 3D video converter, allowing you to convert from one 3D video to another as simply as if it was an usual Standard Definition or High Definition conversion. More impressive, it can take any of your 2D video and make it 3D, bringing to life all your movies and video samples!

“There has never before been a video program that can do so much and is so easy to use. As it supports the newest iPad and 3D video conversion, even professionals can use Video Converter to get amazing results,” says from Imtoo cooperation.

Among the other improvements of this latest version, ImTOO Video Converter 7, has an optimized multithreading process management and GPU acceleration, bringing performance beyond the 5x faster already implemented in previous versions. In addition to increased stability, extended preset parameters let it run precisely the way you want, taking the optimal portion of your system ressources. MKV format is also better supported.

Read the full review and download a free trial version of ImTOO’s video converter software here.