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Instashare Transfers Files Between Mac and iPad and iPhone

Ever need to quickly send a file over to your iPad from your Mac. Or from your iPad to your Mac? Or between iOS devices? Besides iPad transfer software,  you may get Instashare, an app which also has the distinction of completing the hat-trick of Insta-apps on your iDevice (Instapaper and Instagram being the other two).

Instashare lets you quickly and easily transfer video files, music files, PDF presentations, and more between iPhone, iPad, and Mac over local Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. There’s no pairing or fancy setup needed. As long as two or more devices are running Instashare in the same area, you’re good to go.

Instashare is as easy to setup as it is to use. All you have to do is install the iOS app on your iPad and the OS X app on your Mac. The OS X version sits in your menu bar and lets you drag and drop files you want to transfer to your iPad. As soon as you drop a file, an alert appears on your iPad asking you if you want to accept the file. Once you receive a file on your iOS device, you can preview it in the Instashare app or open it with a third-party app.

On the reverse side, you can use the Instashare app to select a photo from your camera roll or a file on your iPad and send it to your Mac. Transferred files are automatically saved to the Downloads folder, but you can select a different folder in the settings.

The good Bluetooth support means you don’t even have to be connected to the internet to share files. You can easily add and remove trusted devices within settings whenever you’d like supports any file type, not just photos or videos. The bad seems to have trouble transferring larger files resulting in time outs or errors when sending multiple files at once, they show up in one bulk upload that you have to scroll through Sometimes devices that are within the network or paired don’t show up correctly.


Many people have wished for OS X AirDrop to come to iOS. It hasn’t yet. Meanwhile, Instashare is available for free from the iOS App Store. It is shaping up to be a great way to share all kinds of files between iPhone, iPad, and Mac but it isn’t quite there yet. The amount of errors, timeouts, and strange UI bugs I experienced would keep me from using it as a dedicated file sharing service. For the time being, an option like iPad transfer software that also offers link shortening services is probably a better one.