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iOS 4 – the New iPad Operating System

Apple has renamed iPhone OS to iOS, which is appropriate considering the operating system runs on more devices than just the iPhone. iOS 4 encompasses the iPad, iPhone, presumably the iPod Touch, and there are rumors that it will run on future versions of the Apple TV. With over 100 new features in iOS 4, it’s an exciting free software update for iPad and iPhone users that will be available on June 21st.

Prominent features of iOS 4:

* Folders – organize apps into folders
* Improved Mail – multiple mail accounts in a single inbox, open attachments in 3rd party apps
* iBooks – browse, buy, and read eBooks
* Create iPod playlists – create playlists directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
* 5x Digital Zoom – the same digital zoom technology that’s included in digital cameras
* Tap to Focus Video – video will refocus to whatever you tap on screen, cool!
* Faces & Places in Photos – view photos based on where they were taken and who is in them
* Home Screen Wallpaper – change the background picture on your devices home screen (this feature is already on the iPad)
* Gift Apps – send apps as gifts to others
* Spell Checking – built-in spell checker for Mail, Notes, and other apps that access the function
* Wireless Keyboard Support – use a wireless keyboard on the iPhone.

iOS 4 compatibility:

iOS 4 will work with iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G, and presumably the newer iPod Touch, but the feature set degrades on older devices. For example, iPhone 3G can not use multitasking or change the background picture.