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iOS 5 May Bring 1080p Video Content on iPad 2

According to 9To5Mac source, iOS 5 might bring the ability to play back 1080p video content on the iPad 2, as well as possibly the iPhone 4S and the AppleTV 2. The source notes that with iOS 5 beta 1, 1080P video content now transfers and plays smoothly on the iPad 2.

Some users have already managed to transfer 1080p films on their iPad 2 tablets and play the video content. Users who have tested the feature confirmed that films run seamlessly and added they noticed no lag. Of course, users need to convert films in the mp4 format accepted by iPad first, in order to transfer the video content on the iPad 2 via iTunes.

The iPad 2 is unable to smoothly run unconverted 1080p films using video players purchased from the AppStore. However, unconverted films do run better on the iPad 2 than on the iPad. Apple will definitely use the new processing power of the A5 chipset and let users watch films in the 1080p video format. If we are lucky and the company decides to use the same A5 chip in the iPhone 5, we may be able to watch 1080p video content on the iPhone as well.

Also on Hardware aside, this also means that iOS users will be able to shoot video and post it to YouTube in full 1080p if their cameras support it, and mobile apps like YouTube and iMovie will be able to do the same. Some have predicted that this heralds the arrival of full 1080p HD video in the iTunes store alongside the currently listed 720p video. At the very least, you’ll be able to download and upload 1080p video to and from your iOS device without issue in the very near future.