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iOS 7 for iPad: Things You Need to Know

As expected, Apple announced a new version of iOS at WWDC 2013 in the form of iOS 7, an update that it says is the elegant update to iOS. Apple announced quite a bit on stage including new features, overhauled applications, and more. But what are the most important things to know about the upcoming iOS 7 release for iPad?


iOS 7 Releases This Fall

While Apple may have shown off iOS 7, its new design and many of its new features at WWDC, it also delivered the all important information about its release date. Of course, because this is WWDC and not an iPhone or iPad event, we didn’t expect a specific release date and we didn’t get one.

Instead, Apple announced that it will be releasing iOS 7 sometime in the fall which means that it will be coming at some point between September and November. Fortunately, September is the earliest month in the fall and right now, it’s the rumored launch date for the iOS 7 update’s companion, the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S is heavily rumored for September and given that the iPhone 5 arrive in September.

iOS 7 Beta for iPad Comes Later

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 7 to registered iOS developers. But the iOS 7 beta software isn’t ready for tablet screens yet. An iPad build is nowhere to be found on Apple’s Developer site, and that means rumors of the company scrambling to get it done by June were true.

iOS 7 Leaves Some of the Device-Specific Out Of The Fun

iOS 7 will be coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later on this year but unfortunately, not all devices are equal and Apple will not be offering some iOS 7 features for its older devices and in some cases, it won’t be offering an upgrade to iOS 7 at all. Here’s how some of the device-specific iOS 7 features break down.

The first-generation iPad will not be getting iOS 7 either.

iPad 2
The iPad 2, however, will be getting iOS 7 though its feature list is even bleaker than the iPhone 4′s. Apple has decided to cut a number of different features from the iPad 2 update, making it the slimmest iOS 7 update on paper.

Apple’s second-gen iPad will, out of all of the aforementioned features, only be getting the new iTunes Radio. That means no AirDrop, that means no Siri, and that means none of the photography related features.

iPad 3 & iPad 4
The iPad 3 and iPad 4, which Apple refers to as the iPad with Retina Display, will fare much better than the iPad 2. Apple claims that the iPad 3 won’t be getting AirDrop, Panorama mode, or Filters in Camera. The rest of the features will be on board.

As for the iPad 4, the only difference is that it will have access to AirDrop, something that should delight those that love to share content with friends or family.

iPad Mini
Owners of Apple’s smaller slate, the iPad mini, are in pretty good shape as well as the iOS 7 update will only be missing Panorama and the Filters in Camera. The other features, including the new Siri functions, should be available when the software arrives.