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iOS 7 Wishlist: What We Want on the iPads

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will soon be upon us, and some expect Apple to announce a new iPad, new iPhone, or both. But while we won’t see an announcement on a new iPad or iPhone – those will likely happen in September and/or October – we should see plenty of changes coming to the iOS 7, the latest version of its popular mobile operating system. Take a look at new features and changes we’d like to see in iOS 7 for our iPads.

Support for Multiple Users

The iPad has rapidly become a great family device, and yet it is designed to be used by a single person. Adding support for multiple users, which could load unique profiles for each person in the household — including child-friendly features when the younger members of the family use the device — would go a long way towards improving the shared iPad experience.

A Return of YouTube

Apple’s ridiculous spat with Google is only hurting its users. The lack of a built-in YouTube application in iOS is downright ludicrous. Apple needs to bring back YouTube to the operating system and make it easy to access videos. Not to do so makes Apple look petty and would be a huge mistake.

Enhanced Security Features

All of the data surrounding the security community suggests that more malware than ever is being created to target mobile devices. So, it would be nice to see Apple boost iOS 7’s security features to keep users safer from malware threats. The more security the operating system delivers the better.

Ability to Hide Pre-Installed Apps

This goes hand-in-hand with #5, but would also be a great feature on its own. One thing Apple forces on us are all of those default apps that show up when we first power on the iPad or iPhone. And there’s no way to get rid of them. Ordinarily, this isn’t too much of a problem — you can always throw them in a folder and ignore them — but if you are trying to childproof your iPad, it would be handy if you could get rid of apps like the Camera completely. Any parent that had to clean up 76 pictures of their 2-year-old daughter’s left foot can feel my pain here.

Data sharing between apps

There’s an advantage to building a brick wall between applications: it goes a long ways toward stamping out viruses. But if iOS is going to take the next step and compete with the big boys, we need more interaction between apps. And that means sharing documents so that apps can work better together. I like the idea of authorizing one app to share data with another app, similar to how apps ask if they can access your camera roll. But the brick wall needs to come down.

Preview on iOS

When Preview support for Documents in the Cloud was announced as part of Mountain Lion, I would have bet money on Preview making its way to iOS. Good thing I didn’t, or I would be out a fiver or more. So, here’s hoping Preview shows up in iOS 7 so I can sync my PDFs. While I do use programs like PDFPen, for simple PDF reading it seems overkill. PDFPen’s strengths are the ability to edit and e-sign documents, which may be more than most people need. Most of us probably just need an easy way to sync important PDFs. In my case, very few of the PDFs I want to sync are ones I want to edit; I mainly want them for reference.

File Manager for iOS

We need a better way to manage the files on our iOS device. We essentially need something like the Camera roll for files, so that we can access files that we have received via email or files that we’ve downloaded (it is not available yet, but we’ll talk about it in a bit). The files should also be synced or available across our iOS devices via iCloud, so we can access them from all our devices. It could be a dedicated app or it could be something like Finder in OS X.

Well, that’s what we’re looking for in iOS 7 to be wanted for the iPad. What about you? What would you like to see in iOS 7.