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iOS App for Tracking Favorite TV Show Episodes?

We recently received this request for help from one of the members:
I’m looking for suggestions for an iOS app that will let me track episodes of various shows that I’ve watched. It’s become too complicated to try to remember all of this with the use of multiple devices, sources, seasons, etc. Netflix and hulu seem to remember my place sometimes (emphasis on sometimes).

Anything that works is great. But I’d prefer something free or pay that is quick and simple to get into, check off and get out of when I’m in a hurry but could possibly offer more options and info when I’m looking such as future air dates, episode info, etc. Thanks much in advance

Well, we’ve found a great solution to keep track of which episodes and seasons we’ve seen and when the new ones are going to play: Episoder. This great little app keeps track of all your favorite TV Shows, saves you the embarrassment of playing the same episode again and even can even let you know if you skip one!

To start tracking your favorites shows and series, you’ll need to add them into Episoder, and the app will automatically invite you to do it the first time it’s launched. After you’ve added your favorite shows to Episoder, you can track them very easily and never miss an episode again. All of your shows are saved under the My Shows tabs and can be sorted by alphabetical or chronological order. Next to each show, a calendar icon lets you know when the next episode will air for each show, making the most relevant information available at a glance.

Tapping an item will bring up a particularly brief summary of the episode, along with a rating. There is however no still image of the episode, or any graphic on this page, making it look very empty. Most importantly, there are — slightly hidden — options to insert an episode in your calendar or be automatically notified about it.

Episoder is really a great application to keep track your TV shows and never miss an episode again. It’s true the application could be better, but it definitely has potential and could rapidly evolve in an even better TV Show tracker.