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iPad 3 Won’t Feature Retina Display?

Will the iPad 3 sport a Retina Display? Every iPad fan out there wants the anticipated iPad 3 to be released with a Retina Display. Apple has also built a lot into marketing this display technology. It however just won’t be possible at this time for the iPad 3.

According to DisplayMate a true Retina Display would require a significant increase in processing power and battery power. An addition of the Retina Display would mean the end of the 10 hour battery life that the two current iPads have. A feature that hopefully Apple doesn’t forget about.

DisplayMate however determined that the Retina Display effect could be achieved without an actual Retina Display. By determining the average viewing distance of the iPad the required pixels per inch was calculated. According to DisplayMate an iPad would only need 240 pixels per inch to produce a Retina Display effect. This is much lower then the 300 pixels per inch that the iPhone 4 has.

Obviously Apple must consider these factors when determining the type of display for the iPad 3. Battery life must be a key concern for Apple, being a key feature of the usability of the iPad. Apple is almost sure to improve the display on the iPad 3, however the five to six resolution increase doesn’t seem likely. One day perhaps we will see it, however currently the technology is just not there.