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iPad 3G Available on April 30 in the USA

Models of the much-hyped iPad tablet computer that can connect to the Internet through a cellular network will be available in stores in the United States on April 30, Apple Inc. confirmed on Tuesday.

In a statement, Apple said iPad models featuring 3G wireless connectivity will be delivered to U.S. customers who have pre- ordered on the last day of April, as well as being sold in Apple retail stores starting at 5 p.m. local time the same day.

The iPad 3G, which also have Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, will start from 629 U.S. dollars for the model that has 16GB memory and cost as high as 829 dollars for the 64GB model.

After Apple first rolled out iPad in the U.S. market on April 3 with Wi-Fi only models, more than 500,000 of the touch-screen devices had been sold in the following week.

Also the iPad 3G includes a US$130 premium over the standard Wi-Fi-only iPad, but that provides the luxury of joining AT&T’s data network on an at-will basis. Rather than being locked to a 2-year contract, iPad 3G can purchase a month of data at a time. Two plans are available: 250MB will run you $15 and the unlimited plan will set you back a cool $30.