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Go Back-to-School with iPad Pro Tablet

It’s August… school will be starting soon for many of us.  Kids may finally start to like going back to school, now that they don’t have to carry so many notebooks, and textbooks, and folders – all because of the iPad. iPad tablets especially the new iPad Pro are as much an essential part of a student’s back to school toolbox as a desktop or laptop. They can use tablets to take notes, do research, and help with study time. High schoolers and college kids need tablets with good, pixel dense displays, speedy performance, and extras or accessories that will keep them productive both in class and at the library.

How the iPad helps students at school

  • Keep track of your class schedules
  • Keep track of when assignments are due
  • Take notes and share them with others
  • Study for your class subjects
  • Take a break and have fun
  • Keep in touch with Email and Social Networking (Twitter/Facebook)
  • Write papers
  • Read books
  • Enjoy movies and music (for some downtime)
  • Extend your learning

How to protect students from the adult Internet

Concerned about what kind of apps or websites your students have access to, or who may be trying to contact them? Tools built into iOS and iTunes help you control these things.

To enable the restrictions, tap the Settings app (which should be on the iPad’s homescreen, unless you re-arranged the apps) on the iPad you want to apply the restrictions to. Then choose General -> Restrictions and tap the Enable Restrictions button.

The article from Apple official website provides the detailed information. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Understanding Restrictions

iPad apps and ebooks

Using the iPad for school is getting even easier since there are a ton of great new education apps and since a lot of the textbook companies are starting to sell the books you need right on your iPad.
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In fact, schools which have had great success with the iPad Pro have found that students given responsibility for the iPads and permission to personalise them have looked after them and used them in ways the teachers never imagined.  Students have even bought their own apps for completing tasks, enjoying the freedom from being spoon-fed by teachers.