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iPad for This Father’s Day

Apple is actively promoting its iPad as a Father’s Day gift by using its customer email list to push the tablet computer. The move represents a shift in marketing for the company, which had previously pushed the iPod touch as a Mother’s Day gift last month at a time when iPad inventory was severely strained. The new shift to iPad promotion suggests that Apple feels confident it has a handle on iPad inventory issues even as it launches the device in multiple new nations this past week. This could be good news for those iPad fans in the United States who’ve been struggling to get their hands on one.

Well, i’ve got my Dad an iPad and he absolutely loves it. He has read more books in the last two months than in the last ten years. He loves reading the news, checking the weather, reading information about the World Cup, checking his work email, playing DVD movies on iPad, etc. He’s retired but still comes to work every day (we own our own company) and he’s in his 70’s. I don’t think that we could pry his iPad away from him at this point, especially since we upgraded him to the 3G model and gave the wifi version to my Mom.