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iPad Gifts for Book Lovers

We’ve all got book lovers in our lives, folks whose stack of books to read next to their bed is taller than their nightstand, people who never seem to have enough bookshelves (OK, I may be speaking from personal experience here). When it comes to the holidays, though, these people are easy to buy for: get them books or book-related gifts and they’ll be happy (and buried in their new books for a while). This list of iPad-specific gifts for book lovers may help you spice up your gift-giving this year.

1. iPad (or Kindle or nook)

It won’t be a surprise that a site devoted to iPads, iPods, and iPhones recommends that you get the book lover in your life an iPad this holiday season. It’s a good idea – not only is it a great eBook reader thanks to iBooks, but it also offers tons of apps and games, web connectivity, and movie/music playback – but it’s also a bit expensive: the iPad starts at US$499, while the Kindle 3 can be had for $139 (though it has fewer features). Whatever you choose, if your book lover can bring hundreds of volumes with them in a tiny, light package instead of a giant suitcase, they’re going to be happy.

2. iPad Stand Case

Reading in bed is one of the great pleasures of the bookish life, but holding a gadget in front of your face for hours at a time isn’t terrifically fun. IPad cases that also have stand features that prop up the screen in a comfortable reading position solve that problem. Cases from Apple, Incase, Quirky, and others offer a built-in stand.

3. iBooks Gift Card

If there’s one thing book lovers always want more of, it’s books. Combine an iBooks Gift Card with Apple’s ever-expanding iBooks store, and your recipient will always have something to read.

4. Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Readers aren’t limited to iBooks for their e-reading pleassure. Amazon has brought its Kindle app to the iPad, and Barnes & Noble has done the same with its Reader app. This means that your book lover can buy and read eBooks in those formats, too, which is great thanks to Amazon’s huge selection. Gifts cards from Amazon or Barnes & Noble will keep them in good reading and give them more choice.

5. Free eBooks from Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 30,000 free, iPad-compatible eBooks. You won’t find the latest bestsellers there, but you will find a treasure trove of all-time great books, as well as some terrific historical oddities. Download a selection of books, burn them to CD, and you’ll be able to deliver a library of classic literature in a tiny package.