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iPad Gifts for Students

If you’re planning a holiday gift for student this year, then you must consider giving a new iPad (the gift that keeps on ringing) or give one of the many accessories or apps that would make a perfect stocking stuffer for those who already own an iPad.

Don’t need anything for a student? Check out the recommendations anyway, something great might still catch your eye. If not, no worries, check out one of our other iPad Holiday Buying Guides 2013.

Brand New iPad Air

With a 10 hour battery life and simplicity in design it’s possible that a small computer like this starting at $500 will become a fairly popular gadget for students while going to school.  It has a keyboard attachment that can go with the tablet meaning it will be a lightweight device that can be used to take notes in class. This creates opportunities for efficient, mobile, and innovative learning, and will be very much like the portability of a netbook.

Apps for Students

Apple Numbers, Pages, and Keynote

Apple’s iWork suite(FREE for iOS 7 enabled devices), which consists of Pages[$9.99 –  in App Store link] for word processing, Numbers [$9.99 –  in App Store link] for spreadsheets, and Keynote [$9.99 –  in App Store link] for presentations has recently been updated to work with iCloud, so all your documents get stored and synced between your devices. Keynote is absolutely best in class, while Numbers and Pages are easy to use and produce great looking docs.

CaptureNotes 2 for iPad

CaptureNotes 2 for iPad [$4.99 – App Store link ] is a perfect note taking app. This app allows users to type, write and record – at the same time, which simplify your student’s life. It’s easy to miss important things that an instructor says while frantically taking as many notes as possible, so CaptureNotes makes it easy to flag parts of your notes that make it easy to pick up and listen to that exact part of the lecture at a later time.

Cases for Students

Griffin Elan Passport folio for iPad

If the students are packing their iPad instead of a netbook,the Elan Passport (US$49.95) is nice gift for students. The Griffin Elan Passport offers style, protection, and space to tuck  IDs and more. They also rock it for iPhone, at least those of them who are fans of the Euro-sized wallet look.

OtterBox Series Case for iPad 2

If you’re looking for serious protection for student’s iPad, you’ll probably want to check out series cases from Otterbox.  The company, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is well known for their protective cases for iOS and other devices. The company has four main series of products: the Defender, a multi-layer design which is designed for rough conditions; the Reflex, which uses a lighter design that emulates the automobile crumple zone concept for protection; the Commuter, which is designed for protection from day-to-day drops and scrapes; and the Impact, which is made up of simple silicone sleeves.

And your gift ideas?

There are a lot of good iPad cases, apps, accessories on the market. If you’ve already picked the perfect gift for your iPad student, or have the perfect idea for one, let us know in comments!