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iPad Gifts for Travelers

One of the things that made the iPad such a big hit so early in its life was the ability it gave owners to take thousands of medias with them wherever they went. This year, the iPad has become the ultimate traveling companion . If you’ve got someone who does a lot of traveling on your holiday shopping list, consider these iPad gifts.

Don’t need anything for travel lovers? Check out the recommendations anyway, something great might still catch your eye. If not, no worries, check out one of our other iPad Holiday Buying Guides 2011.

1. An iPad Air with Engraved Christmas Greetings

Armed with a new iPad Air, your loved one can stay connected while on the road. From surfing the Web, checking e-mail, watching movies, and listening to music, the iPad does it all. Extremely with the free engraving greetings, the iPad fits easily into a backpack or tote.

2. Headsets

Headsets will be worth their weight in gold if you’re traveler wants their music with them on the slopes or on the beach. Some high-end headphones offer the ability to either completely block out ambient noise or at least reduce it, technologies called noise canceling or noise deadening. This is especially important on subways, trains, or airplanes, where these headphones will create a better listening experience. Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are nice ones for iPad.

3. Case

No matter where they’re going or what they’re doing there’s no such things as too much protection for their iPad.  Otterbox for iPad is for those who need superior protection, be it light but still sturdy or total armor. To survive a hike or to survive the kids, Otterbox is the way to go.

4. Chargers

While there are more places to charge up and top off than ever, from coffee shops to airports, the truth is your traveler will be busy, stressed, and the last thing they need is to run out of power when they need it most.  Qmadix Dual Mobile Charging Kit for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch lets you charge two iOS devices — even the power-hungry iPad! — at the same time. If you’re going on a long family trip, or even an extended drive for the holidays, this can make all the difference between peacefully playing children and happily tapping significant others, and the agony and pain of bored passengers with dead devices turning their angry gazes in your direction.

5. iMovie App for iPad

Optimized for the iPad, iMovie for iPad [$4.99 – iTunes link, but FREE for iOS 7 enabled devices – iTunes link] ] app could transform you into a filmmaker. For travel videos, it’s amazing. It makes editing videos simple—little kids could do it.

6. iPad Car Kit

If the traveler on your list spends most of their travel time in the car, consider an iPad car kit for them. These come in the form of cassette adapters, FM transmitters, and built-in jacks and pipe the iPad’s music through the car stereo. Some also include car charges, another nice touch.

And Your Picks?

Have any accessories you think travel users would love to get for the holidays? Make sure to let us know what your picks are as well!