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iPad iOS 4 May Come this November with Multitasking

“This Fall”, those were the words of Mr. Jobs while announcing the availability of iOS 4 on iPad during the April 8th Event but that left everyone wondering as to when exactly does Apple plan to deliver the iOS 4 for iPad that boasts Multitasking, iAds and many other exciting features.

Well, in a new report discussing Apple’s rollout of its iAd mobile advertising service, Advertising Age suggests that iOS 4 for iPad will arrive in November.

According to the report, Apple is telling marketers that the iPad—which will require an iOS 4 update to run the ads, and is being looked at as the most promising device for advertisers—won’t be on the iAd platform until November. In addition, the report claims that many of the advertisers that have signed on to the iAd platform won’t have ads in the system when it launches later this week, as many are still in the concept and creation stages. Advertisers are said to be paying $1 million just to be on the platform, with some companies, such as Nissan for automobiles and Citi for banks, paying up to $10 million in order to secure some measure of exclusivity in their respective categories.

It seems that iOS 4 may be available on your iPad much later than anticipated. Some of the long awaited features such as multi-tasking and background services, apparently will be landing on the iPad in the fourth quarter.