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iPad jailbreak?

Apple iPad, launched Janurary 28, 2010 is yet to reach the users who are going through preorders at the moment. Could you have imagined jailbreak iPad tool to arrive such early? It’s true that iPad will be running iPhone OS 3.2 but this doesn’t necessarily open a door for iPad jailbreak tool developers although many of iPhone jailbreak tool developers are working to jailbreak iPad even before it arrives.

Why people need to jailbreak iPad?

  • First, Download more applications to your iPad. As you know, there are lots of exceptional iPad Apps that are not available through iTunes App Store. By jailbreaking iPad file system, both of which are accessible. What’s more, a jailbroken iPad is still able to use and upgrade applications downloaded and purchased from Apple’s official App Store.
  • Customize graphics, sounds and more.
  • Bypass any activation requirements. Use any carrier you like in any country by unlocking if the iPad is sold locked to specific carriers with a mobile data plan. Certainly, Apple is selling the iPad 3G carrier-unlocked (unlike the iPhone), so there’ll be no need for redsn0w or blacksn0w, just insert a Micro-SIM from the network of your choice!
  • Much more. multitask, using Magic mouse with iPad, updating twitter without having to launch an app like qTweeter. And also bring phone calling / SMS capabilities over-the-air to iPad 3G, etc.

The difference: jailbreak vs unlock

Jailbreaking allows you to install the 3rd party applications, customize any settings by unlocking iPad firmware.

Unlocking, however allows you use any carrier, any sim-card in the world that does not work with Apple.

iPad jailbreak tools coming soon?

We already know how popular iPhone and iPod Touch jailbreaking has been in accommodating  some of the cool features that utilize the device to its fullest capacity. The user can jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch devices using RedSn0w, PwnageTool, and Sn0wBreeze the user can also enjoy multitasking with ProSwitcher, iPhone customization with Winterboard, Google Voice, Bluetooth transfers with iBlueNova and iBluetooth and much more. These are some of the features that Apple has not yet offered to the iPhone users.

Unfortunately for us, Apple has repeated its action by not utilizing the iPad to its fullest capacity. iPad lacks Multitasking, Flash support, SMS/Calling features.

The question arose, leaving all the jailbreakers wondering whether it will be possible to jailbreak the iPad? The demo of the product featured OS 3.2 which is available for iPad only, not for iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the iPad’s firmware is similar to iPhone there are hopes that the Dev-Team, and GeoHot are going to take a crack at it again with the new exploits that have been discovered recently.

Jailbreaking iPad depends on how hard Apple patches exploits used to jailbreak. Apple keeps on changing hardware and securing software to make it harder and harder for hackers to jailbreak firmware. It was apparent when Apple patched the 24kpwn exploit in newer iPhone 3GS and iPod touch model. With the new exploit found after 24kpwn exploit death, users were required to jailbreak their iDevices on each reboot, it’s called tethered jailbreak.

So, is it possible for Apple to completely block the iPad jailbreak? iPhone Dev-Team call it a Cat&Mouse play. Apple patches an exploit and the hackers have always been able to find and use another exploit to jailbreak iPhone and iPodTouch devices. At the very least we should be able to get a iPad tethered jailbreak.


Let’s hope the Dev-Team, or GeoHot or someone new to the scene finds a way and can get us an iPad jailbreak. Of course, we will only know once the iPad is released.