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iPad Mini Docking Stations for Watching Movies

The capabilities of the iPad Mini are vast, and one great feature to take advantage of is the superior screen quality, the iPad Mini has the great resolution, which makes watching movies on the iPad Mini a real pleasure. That said, there are literally hundreds of iPad docking stations but surprisingly few are capable of horizonal viewing. To save you the hours of research we’ve done the legwork for you and here we have the top iPad Mini docking stations for movie viewing for a range of budgets and requirements.

Jarre AeroPad Two
The AeroPad Two’s minimalist package includes stainless steel and chromium finishings, and those UFO-like pods you see on either side house four speakers with a power rating of 30 watts each. It comes with a standard 30-pin dock connector that will take your iPad, iPhone or iPod, as well as a USB port and auxiliary input so you can play music from non-Apple devices. There’s an 80W subwoofer built-in as well as Bluetooth functionality for wireless streaming.

iHome App-Friendly Rechargeable Speaker System
This light weight but sturdy iPad mini dock allows you to relocate you iPad mini time and again without having to care about portability or abrasion aspect. Besides iPad mini the dock is compatible with all iDevices and plays quality audio with a boost, and a separate rechargeable speaker battery means your iPad’s battery is  not squeezed, in fact, the device also charges your iPad and other iDevices when plugged into an outlet. iHome Dock also works with remote control devices and is compatible with many Apps like Alarm clock and Radio for iPad mini.

Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPad speaker dock
Dock stations for an iPad would imply fitting of the iPad into the dock with a connecting pin. Here is good news, the latest Philips Fidelio speaker dock comes with Bluetooth connectivity and music, and sound can be streamed without the typical locking connection. The DS9000’s 592mm wide curved chassis encases two 1-inch tweeters, two 4-inch woofers and Philips’ passive crossover design for improved sound quality and reduced distortion. It also comes with a proximity sensor that dims the lights on the speaker dock when you walk away, a remote control, bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary input. Philips also has its own iOS app that you can use to control playback, access over 7000 radio stations, an alarm clock, weather data and more.

We hope this has helped you in your search for an iPad movie docking station, if you have any that you would recommend just leave a comment.